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How We Started Handling PIV Variable Speed Drives

AC Compacting began its operation in 1954 as a stocking distributor and has been in continuos operation ever since. We are a privately owned company and have continued to grow our business over the years predicated upon the business philosophy that customer service and support produces new and repeat business opportunities.

AC Compacting started handling drives manufactured by PIV Drives GmbH (formerly known as P.I.V. Antrieb Werner Reimers) after we found out (the hard way) how hard it was to obtain parts and service in North America. We established a drive service department manned by technicians whom we had sent to Germany for training. We also set up an inventory of spare parts, initially, for our own use.

Eventually, when suppliers and users of other equipment using these drives learned of our capabilities, they contacted us. Today, the expanded capacity of our drive service department is available to you.

A Leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In addition to the PIV drive service department, AC Compacting is recognized as a leader in supplying quality products and service to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, particularly in the area of powder compacting and tableting. We also utilized our powder compacting experience in the nuclear (compressing uranium oxide powders into fuel pellets) and powdered metal industries. The table below summarizes other product lines:

Equipment Supplied to the Pharmaceutical Industry by AC Compacting LLC


  • Extruders
  • Spheronizers
  • Rebuilt Tablet Presses
  • Tablet Dedusters
  • Ultra High Quality Tablet Printers
    Ultra High Quality Syringe Printing Systems
  • Bottle Cap Vision Inspection Systems
    Tablet Vision Inspection Systems
  • Tablet/Capsule Weight Sorters


  • Automated Tablet Samplers
  • Mixer Torque Rheometer
  • Laboratory Extruders/Spheronizers
  • Tablet/Capsule Check-Weighers
  • Rotary Press simulator

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